Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where are all the intelligent agents?

So, where are all the intelligent agents? The question keeps popping up and the list of excuses remains long and the final answer is always some variant of "coming soon." My own personal answer is that intelligent agents are critically dependent on having a very rich intelligent semantic infrastructure. In other words, factor a lot of the intelligence out of individual agents and leverage the merged intelligence in a common, shared rich intelligent semantic infrastructure so that individual agents can be relatively dumb in their implementation but appear to be quite intelligent in operation.
In short, there are lots of tools and services and even data out there, but it is all too disjoint and nebulous and not coherent and cohesive and integrated enough to constitute the kind of deep integrated rich intelligent semantic infrastructure that is needed to make software agents grow like weeds. So, maybe, but not necessarily, we have all the pieces but they are not arranged in a critical mass where software agents can readily sprout.

-- Jack Krupansky


At 5:25 AM MDT , Anonymous Mgo nanopowder said...

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