Monday, March 14, 2005

Conference session on multi-agent systems and evolutionary computing

What timing... no sooner had I posted my thoughts on exploring evolutionary computing in conjuction with software agents, than I see an announcement for a session at the Conference on Knowledge-Based & Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems entitled "Multi-Agent Systems and Evolutionary Computing". Here's a brief synopsys from the announcement:
This session focuses on the use of the Multi-Agent paradigm for optimization using Evolutionary Computation (i.e. Genetic Algorithms, EvolutionStrategies .). The concept of a computational agent becomes increasinglyimportant in computer science, representing a new level of abstraction for software design. New issues arise when evolutionary computation is applied to the multi-agent paradigm. In these systems evolutionary algorithms must adapt to dynamic problem spaces, where changes are caused by the interactions of the agents in the environment of the global system.Distributed problem solving by a multi-agent system represents a promising approach for solving complex computational problems and has already found its way into many practical applications.


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