Thursday, February 16, 2006

COW: Consumer Ontology Web vs. Consumer Ontology/Knowledge Web vs. Consumer Knowledge/Ontology Web vs. Consumer knOwledge Web

I'm still struggling to coming up with a mnemonic name to associate with my white paper entitled "The Consumer-Centric Knowledge Web - A Vision of Consumer Applications of Software Agent Technology - Enabling Consumer-Centric Knowledge-Based Computing." I still feel inclined to go with COW since it's so simple and almost accurate. I now have four options for COW:

My implied meaning is still that COW is consumer-centric and not merely consumer-oriented, but that may be too wordy... or maybe not. So, maybe the list of options should be:

And, if anybody wants to leave off -centric in common use, I won't object vociferously, assuming that they still mean that it is consumer-centric and not something vender-centric that happens to be consumer-oriented.

I'm leaning towards option #4, , but I'm also considering the convenience of eliding the implicit -centric, and capitalizing both the K and O of KnOwledge:


Or maybe I'll just leave the O lower-case and make that implicit in the acronym as well:


My final thought is to go with a triple of meanings, any of which is "correct", depending on context:

    1. :
    2. :
    3. :

Where the second meaning is used as the core source for the O in COW and reflects more of a schema for the consumer knowledge web, the first refers to the actual instances of knowledge in the web, and the third refers to combination of the schema and the instances of specific knowledge.

I'm still not quite happy with this formula, but at least some progress has been made.

If I had to pick one right now, this would be it:

After all, it captures all of the meaning that I intended, and has an almost-precise acronym. And, people can simplify it in a slang manner as they see fit.

Now the question comes up of whether a large, lumbering beast is the desired metaphor for a consumer knowledge web. Unfortunately, it may be more precise than we would hope.

-- Jack Krupansky


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